CV. Zamran

CV. Zamran is engaged in mattress crafts and

manufacture furniture crafts

CV Zamran was founded on July 15, 2021 by Muzdalifah and Murtadho Muhammad Messiah Ruhullah at the location of Surabaya Malang Street KM 58 Klanting, Suwayuwo, Sukorejo District, Pasuruan Regency, East Java, Indonesian. with a capital of 10 million rupiah.

Our Vision

“Participate in advancing the local market made by the nation’s children to the global market and make Indonesian one of the largest and most influential exporters in the global market.”

To achieve our vision we need a mission

  1. Low cost operation
  2. Improve employee welfare
  3. Participate in efforts to minimize the number of unemployed within the company
  4. Become an exporter of suppliers to overseas customers
  5. Become a forum for sending the creativity of the nation’s children to the global market

“whose purpose is only to seek the blessings of others and help prosper the economy of the family, employees, colleagues and the country”